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like many digital designers, my career began as a print based designer. over the years however, i have definitely developed a passion for all forms of digital design media. because of this passion, my folio is mostly dedicated to these mediums, however if you would like to see more offline / printed design work, just drop me a line.

shoppertube ui + branding work

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short description:

Shoppertube was to be a small side venture for Winged Media, a product to compliment it’s suite of bulk (‘parked’) websites substitute development tools. Quite simply it was designed to facilitate and showcase peer product reviewing.

My part in this project was to develop the overall product UX and branding. For both deliverables, I tried to develop something that was highly

functional, yet playful / fun to use – something which didn’t require explanation to use or understand.

Sadly, midway through development of templates, this project was put on hold, to allow us a complete focus on production of our main flagship product, Protrada v3.

snapshot details:

  • Branding & illustration
  • Photoshop visuals
  • HTML / CSS / JS templating / prototyping
  • UX Development of user task flows

tech used:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • CSS, HTML5, Jquery