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tim paul

more specifically, glo was built to be an online example of my drive to constantly do things better. here I experiment with new technology, new methods of page layout & new ways of shaping the user's experience within digital media.

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a little about me

my clients, peers & employers have described my professionalism using adjectives like adept, highly-skilled, friendly, dedicated, knowledgeable, loyal and trustworthy.

I am very well read, creative & highly technical. I spend alot of my spare time reading about UX, design and research into the field of HCI. I also love to read about and experiment with all sorts of new web technology / methodology.

Download CV as PDF (might be a tad out of date, apologies for this).

credentials + skills

During time with a previous employer, Freckle Creative, websites that I designed won 11 Web Awards including overall Best Website of 2006 and Best Government Website in 2007. After joining Creative Nature,  I won 3 further awards for my work (Best Gov Website 2008, Most Outstanding Website of 2008 and Best Education Website 2009 (for the John Curtin College website).

With a BA degree in Multimedia, I have developed advanced skills in UX/UI development, web standards compliance, scripting & cms templating, rapid prototyping, browser automation, IOS & Android UI development (both web & native), writing javascript (with a focus on the jQuery library) and various motion / animation software packages.

interests + other info

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with a myriad of different operating systems and platforms: Windows (XP, Vista & Windows7), OSX (Tiger, Snow Leopard, Lion & Mountain Lion) and more recently a bit of Ubuntu. 3d model + model3d motion + model10% web uxweb ux50% multimedia uxmultimedia ux15% 2d motion + video2d motion + video25%my tech skillset
a simplified breakdown of my skills across digital media

I’ve bolstered front-end development teams for projects built in, PHP(WordPress,Zend & ModX), Node.js and most recently AppEngine(python) environments. My css precompiler of choice is sass, though I’ve also spent a little time writing LESS. My browser of choice is most definitely Chrome.

In my spare time I try to live an active lifestyle. I like all things in the water (boating, wakeboarding, surfing & SCUBA diving). In summer I’m also partial to playing a spot of club/backyard/indoor cricket.

I like to distance swim, love dribbble’in, cycle-commute and enjoy all sorts of other fitness training.

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to those interested in working with me...

Unfortunately, right now I am unavailable for freelance work. Feel free to drop me a line however, and I may be able to recommend some other freelancers with similar skills - depending on the requirements.

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