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like many digital designers, my career began as a humble print based designer. over the years however, i have definitely developed a passion for all forms of digital design media. because of this passion, my folio is mostly dedicated to these mediums, however if you would like to see more offline / printed design work, just drop me a line.

green cms interface work

short description:

Since it’s birth, Creative Nature has maintained it’s own proprietary ASP.Net CMS. During the CMS’s life time it has had several interface redesigns. I project managed the final of these UI redesigns / re-brands (which should be coming to completion very shortly). After creating a simple, memorable name and brand for the CMS’s UI to follow, I began work pulling together all the feedback I had received from frustrated clients over the years, to formulate a clear strategy that would effectively approach all raised concerns and UI problems – and improve the overall UX performance of the CMS.

Amongst the concerns that I was trying to address, were issues related to inter browser operability, the speed and usability of the CMS and the overall dark and gloomy aesthetic. This redesign attempted to address all of these significant concerns.

. . .

Along with the overhaul of visuals to a cleaner / more functional interface, a lot of work was done on condensing, streamlining and optimising CMS code and function, which yielded significant performance improvements. I worked very closely with the development team to achieve this outcome and to ensure that the quality of the CMS’s UX was not sacrificed for ease of development, or any other reason.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to show off the final CMS with the new UI in action, at this point (as it is a proprietary CMS), but I have a copy of the hollow skins (complete with some jQuery UX enchancement), uploaded here (note you can click the menu items to the left to access different functionality screens – albiet without the actualy functionality actually plugged in..)

snapshot details:

  • Proprietary CMS
  • UX Design / Development
  • Branding
  • Stakeholder engagement

tech used:

  • Photoshop
  • ASP.Net
  • green CMS
  • CSS 2.1 + CSS 3.0
  • HTML5
  • jQuery