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like many digital designers, my career began as a humble print based designer. over the years however, i have definately developed a passion for all forms of digital design media. because of this passion, this folio is mostly dedicated to these mediums, however if you would like to see more offline / printed design work, just drop me a line.

flame tree media (concept)

short description:

Freckle Creative was engaged to build a website for an Tanzanian tech training institution.

My role was to shape the UX for the website. This is one of the concepts that was presented to the client, but not the one they chose to proceed with. I am showing you this instead, as I like it better. :)

This website is no longer online.

snapshot details:

  • Website
  • UX Design

tech used:

  • Photoshop
  • CSS 2.1
  • Flash